Essay on How Do Gender Roles Get Portrayed in Disney Films?

Essay on How Do Gender Roles Get Portrayed in Disney Films?

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A. Definition of Gender Roles
A gender role consists of characteristics that refer to a set of social and behavioral norms that are widely considered appropriate for either males or females. Gender roles are different throughout society and cultures. One gains gender roles unconsciously, consciously, or genetically due to cultural rules (Princeton).
B. How film characters are seen by the audience
Many people view women as weak in hopeless and males as strong and heroic in films. Male characters are seen to be more physical, functional, sexual, smart, and independent. Female characters are seen as dependent, weak, quiet, graceful, and innocent (Planned Parenthood). For example, in the movie Tangled (2009) Rapunzel is seen as a women trapped within her home where she paints, cleans, and reads; when her prince shows up she hits him with a frying pan. In the movie The Little Mermaid, Prince Eric is seen as a tough man and hero due to rescuing Ariel and taking over a ship during a violent sea storm.
Disney and Gender Rolls
A. Article One: “Disney Princesses Are Not the Role Models They Appear To Be” By Cassie Schmidt
The author of this article argues that the classic Disney Princesses are not great role models for young children. “Children learn by example, and Cinderella teaches that finding love is easy – which is far from the truth.” So what the author means is that growing up, kids basically play “follow the leader” everyday. What children see is what children will do and apply to their everyday life. Cinderella finding true love at a ball is completely fictional, but it can teach girls to be hopelessly romantic. Another statement the author of this article makes is about Snow White, “After being thrown out of her ki...

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...components they did, I believe there needs to be equal research done on both the male and female gender roles in Disney Movies. There needs to be more insight on how children interpret each princess and prince themselves.

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