How Do Different Parenting Styles Affect Our Children? Essay

How Do Different Parenting Styles Affect Our Children? Essay

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How do different parenting styles affect our children? Diana Baumrind conducted a study to help answer this question. She breaks down parenting into four different styles. One of these styles is Authoritative parenting. This type of parenting involves being nurturing, responsive and involved all while having high expectations. One other parenting style is uninvolved parenting. Uninvolved parenting is quite the opposite of Authoritative parenting. These parents are normally detached from their children. The way one chooses to parent their child really molds the child into who they will be as they grow older.
Authoritative parenting has the most successful child outcomes. This parenting style is known to be a good choice for all ethnic groups and for children with all different backgrounds. Authoritative parents encourage independence and nurture their children while also maintaining high expectations and consistent discipline. These children normally have control over their emotions and develop good social skills. A child being raised by an authoritative parent is more likely to be self-confident in their abilities to learn which helps ensure their academic success. A study conducted by Akiko Watabe showed that children parented by authoritative parents had higher academic achievement motivation. (Watabe, 2010) Children with at least one authoritative parent are less likely to suffer from depression, anxiety and drug use. An authoritative mother is linked to a child having prosocial behavior. Prosocial behavior is any positive action that is meant to help others. As the children get older, some authoritative parents let go of some monitoring to show respect for their child’s need to explore independence. As teenagers, being raised ...

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...pect of their lives and others as they grow into young adults. Parents should strive for the best for their children and want to see academic and social success. It is preferable to believe that no parent would want their child to suffer from any mental health or drug abuse at any point of their lives.
After discussing these two very different parenting styles and how they affect children, it is hopeful that some parents will strive to do better. These two parenting styles were very opposite, and in turn, also had very opposite effects on the children. Authoritative parenting helps ensure a child a very successful life and future. Uninvolved doesn’t really give the child I fighting chance at a decent life or future. Some may not realize the impact they have on their child, but the parenting style chosen helps mold the child into who they will be as they grow older.

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