How Do Christians View The Death Of Jesus Essay

How Do Christians View The Death Of Jesus Essay

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How do Christians view the death of Jesus, and how does this affect the relationship of human beings to God
"The death of Jesus was understood as a means of cancelling sin, provided by God himself, and displaying his love for sinners." (Partridge, Kindle Page 7823)
The death of Jesus was to signify that God had given his only son for the sins of others. This is to remind Christians that Jesus died for the sins of all and God gave something precious to prove so.
What are three consequences of the resurrection of Jesus
According to the book, Partridge explains that the three consequences of the resurrection of Jesus, being that the first was that God would come once again "through the return of Jesus at the end of the world.", the second consequence was that after resurrection Jesus was seen as having a "unique consciousness" that Jesus ' actions were godly and he was to rule as God 's physical form on earth. The third consequence being that when "Jesus has been exalted to heaven, he remains active and living, in the same way as the Father is the living God." (Partridge, Kindle Page 7870) This last quote signifies that Jesus, while in heaven, rules as god does and Christians should obey and abide by his teachings and have faith in him.
How does the Holy Spirit work in the individual Christian and in the Christian community
"So universal is the gift, that a Christian can be defined as a person who has received the gift of the Spirit. The initial experience can be spoken of as a second, spiritual birth, bringing the new life of Jesus to the believer. The Spirit works in the Christian community by giving different abilities to different individuals, to enable them to lead and help the church as a whole. He also acts in the life of each...

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...s, my own public profession of faith and a personal prayer of surrender, forgiveness, and acceptance seemed to demarcate the beginning of my individual life of faith." (Jason Hood, Kindle Page 8030) In Jason 's personal relationship with God he lives a life that reflects "profession of faith and a personal prayer of surrender, forgiveness, and acceptance", all of these attributes that are entrusted by being a Christian.
Identify the object below, and describe how it may be used as a spiritual aid.
"The first angel is the first person of the Trinity - God the Father; the second, middle angel is God the Son; the third angel is God the Holy Spirit." (Monk Gregory Krug)
Monk Gregory Krug explains that the three figures in the object are the father, the son, and the holy spirit. This can be a spiritual aid in depicting the three forms of god identified in Christianity.

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