How Divorce Is Affected By Poverty Essay

How Divorce Is Affected By Poverty Essay

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Divorce is most commonly followed by an economic or financial issues that impact the people of families that are involved with the divorce. It also affects the government and taxpayers in the form of increased funds or increased taxes to be paid or given to the people who need it. These people of divorce affected by poverty will need help to be able to live in a good house, have medical assistance, food, utility, and many other things (Schramm, D., Harris, S., Whiting, J., Hawkins, A., Brown, M., & Porter, R., 2013). The funds that people pay in taxes helps the people who are living in poverty have a better living environment then just having a barely up to par house or other needs of the family. The funds also gives people in poverty the funds to be able to provide: food, utilities, medical care, and other things.
People need to be able to live a life when they are not wishing that they have more than what they have now, that people go to bed hungry, you are too hot or cold, or don’t have health care of any sort. This is not the case however, most people live in poverty after a divorce and they do not know that there is different types of help out there, so they don’t have to live with the bare minimum. Our society tends to pay far more for children than adults, but also fails to link the needs of children with needs of the mother. Federally supported and state-operated child support systems are enforced in every metropolitan area of the country to have the non-custodial parent help provide for their child still. To assure full compliance with child support responsibilities it’s webbed with many different painful penalties to ensure compliance of the opposite parent (Ducanto, J., 2010). There are other programs that help divor...

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...ssues that most people are going through after their divorce. Divorce prevention education can put policies in to place that have to have a reasonable and effective way to get parents to reconcile while think clearly. There are many places that have these things in place, but the education has to tell parents that they are there and to be able to help research even when it supports this idea of fixing a relationship if possible (Schramm, D., Harris, S., Whiting, J., Hawkins, A., Brown, M., & Porter, R., 2013). One of the other ways to be able to help the issues that divorced parents have but mostly the financial issues of divorce can be solved by being able to remarry and have another partner that would make the financial issues to be able to taken care of by the new partner to keep the custodial parent and children on their feet (Mauldin, T. A., 1990, Pressman, S).

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