How Diversity Affects Employee Satisfaction, Commitment, And Performance

How Diversity Affects Employee Satisfaction, Commitment, And Performance

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The Merriam-Webster Dictionary (n.d.) defines diversity as “the condition of having or being composed of differing elements; especially, the inclusion of different types of people (as people of different races or cultures) in a group or organization”. In general, diversity is often only related with differences in race and gender. In actuality, numerous elements can determine diversification in the workplace. Elements such as skills, abilities, experience, values, age, and education could be part of a diverse footprint in an organization. Other important attributes related to diversity include disabilities, religion, sexual orientation, and marital status (Guillame et al., 2013). The adoption of diversity in the workplace has the potential to increase organizational effectiveness in many ways. Organizations that practice diversity tend to increase their capacity to innovate and make better decisions. Therefore, it is imperative for employers to comprehend and analyze the effects of diversity and use them to their advantage.
The organization’s diversity climate affects employee satisfaction, commitment, and performance, which directly translate to the organization effectiveness (Groggins and Ryan, 2013). Therefore, it is imperative for employers to put in place a deliberate training program that explains in detail the benefits and positive outcomes of a diverse climate in the workplace. Employers must communicate the effects of diversity in the workplace to ensure that the employees understand and embrace the climate. The most common practice to unleash diversity is through continuous training and mentoring. A continuous learning environment promotes understanding, improvement, and develops interpersonal skills. Employees must unde...

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...d in non-academic outlets is of questionable quality” (as cited in Guillame et al., 2013). In addition, academic researchers need to disseminate their findings or make them easily accessible to practitioners.
It is evident that diversity works. Even when is hard to pinpoint which climate or training methods are more effective than others, research shows that practicing diversity produces positive results in many ways. Diversification in the workplace enhances organizational effectiveness by developing problem-solving skills, aiding in the reduction of stereotypes, promoting cooperation, and broadening communication avenues. The organization, its employees, and the costumers benefit from diversification. In this age of globalization, diversity will continue to spread. The challenge is for individuals to self-asses their needs, continue to learn, and accept diversity.

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