Essay on How Disney 's Zootopia Gets Racism Wrong

Essay on How Disney 's Zootopia Gets Racism Wrong

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Zootopia Bibliography
@Coslive. “How Disney’s Zootopia Gets Racism Wrong.” Consequence of Sound, Nico Lang , 10 Mar. 2016, Accessed 24 Oct 1016.
Disney tries to show racism and confront the problems in the movie Zootopia but according to Nico Lang it is not such a good idea. Nico Lang said, “But Zootopia’s message is at best muddled, and at worst it contradicts many of the lessons the film is attempting to impart. In Zootopia, no one really benefits from racism, and everyone is thus harmed by it equally — which is actually a pretty dangerous idea.” (1) He is saying that even if Disney is trying to show racism and teach kids a lesson, everyone is going to get hurt by it in some type of way. He explains that no one is going to get any benefit from it and it isn’t going to do us any good.

Johnson, Jason. “Zootopia: Yes, Disney Made a Movie About White Supremacy and the War on Drugs.” The Root, Jason Johnson, 11 Mar. 2016, Accessed 24 Oct 1016.
Jason Johnson talks about how Zootopia created a movie about white supremacy, racism and how things in the movie got very dark and emotional really fast. Jason Johnson said, “Zootopia makes it clear that terms like “predator,” “prey,” “black,” “white” and “Hispanic” are all pretty interchangeable when you’re talking about discrimination.” He points out that in the movie they put them in different categories and judge the animals based on the color of their skin just like real people. So they are trying to compare it and make it like real life people but in cute animal form. Jason also says, “T...

... middle of paper ...

... that the storyline has a lot of racial parts in it for a kid’s movie. In the article he also talks about how the it is harmful to talk about in Disney movie and that outside of the whole movie, entertainment world, there is still racism that people are dealing with.
Most of the authors of these articles talk about the problems that happened in the movie and why they disliked or liked it. They all have their own opinion on things and how racism in the movie is either a good or a bad thing to have in a children’s movie. They all have some kind of input in what should be in a kid’s movie and what should not be. Some of say that the racism, feminism, and sexism that is in the movie may be a little too hard for kids to understand but the grown ups will understand and will probably have to explain what is going on in the movie besides the little funny parts that happen.

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