How Different Colors Affects People 's Emotions And Reactions Essay

How Different Colors Affects People 's Emotions And Reactions Essay

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Colour affects people’s emotions and reactions. Different colours will invoke different kind of mood and emotion. According to experiment done by Bonnardel (2010), the result shows that different people will react differently based on what colour they see (cited in Robu, 2012). Thus, colour plays an important role in a restaurant website as it will give the first impression about the website to the customer. Based on Redwater Grilled Rustic’s website, the choice of colour for the website may not be the good one as the web designer is using black colour as the background colour with white text. This will strain the eye of the user when reading through the information provided on the website and make them hard to read the text. As a result, this cause the customer to move to another restaurant website that is easier for them to read the information. From the usability study, only 20% of students agreed on the colour used in the Redwater Grilled Rustic’s website is being effective. The following figure (figure 6) is an example of the choice of colour used in the website.
Text is another prominent aspect that will determine the credibility of a website. As we all know, reading on the website is tiring and exhausting and that is why most of websites are encouraged to provide a short text but full with information. The text in the webpage of Redwater Grilled Rustic’s website is not clear and not effective for the user to read. This is because the type and size of font used in the website is not suitable and it is not scaled according to user’s preferences. Figure 7 below shows the example of type and size of font used on the website.

The user takes a quite long time to read on the information provided in the website as the size of the...

... middle of paper ...

... applying contrasting colour text can help the restaurant present a crisp and fresh online image” (Kasavana, 2002). Furthermore, according to recent studies, it has been proven that “dark characters on light background are superior to light characters on a dark background” (Bernard, 2003). Thus, it concludes that people are more likely to read a black text rather than white text. Figure 13 below shows the suitable choice of colour between background and the text used.

Furthermore, Redwater Grilled Rustic’s website should includes images together with their menu list. The presence of pictures will helps in conveying the information as well as to grab the customer’s attention while browsing the menu list. It also will help in increasing the aesthetic value of the website. The figure 12 below shows the presence of pictures in the menu list on the restaurant website.

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