How Did the Greek Alphabet Impact the Greeks' Culture? Essay

How Did the Greek Alphabet Impact the Greeks' Culture? Essay

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The Greek language was not original. It was originally from a different group of people that the Greeks traded with. A lot of people don’t know that much about the Greek language. You might have questions like, what was the Greek alphabet? Who made it and when? What did Greeks write about? Who still uses this ancient language? How did their alphabet influence the actual word “alphabet”? Greece was an ancient civilization that influenced many other languages. Their alphabet is known world wide. But what is the history behind it? ("The Greek Alphabet - Ancient Greece for Kids.", 2013.)

What was the Greek alphabet? The ancient Greek language was invented by Socrates and Plato. (The Independent., 2013.) Scientist first discovered this ancient language by finding a tablet they call the Linear B Tablet. Linear B is a writing used in Greece in the 13th century. Scientist found a tablet with Linear B writing that was from the Bronze Age. That means this tablet was from somewhere around 1200 B.C. ("Greek Alphabet.", 2013.) The Greeks traded with a group called the Phoenicians. When they traded, the Phoenicians wrote down what they received to keep track. The Greeks saw this writing useful and decided to start writing. They used the Phoenicians alphabet but changed it in some ways. ("The Greek Alphabet - Ancient Greece for Kids." , 2013.) When the Greek language was spoken they called it Koine. There were many other forms of spoken Greek but Koine was the most common. ("Greek Alphabet." , 2013.) The first two words in the Greek alphabet are Alpha and Beta. Look familiar? It should. If you put Alpha and Beta together, they form the word alphabet. So, the Greeks came up with the word “alphabet”. The Greek language is over 2500 years old bu...

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... it is still used today in a lot of countries and is the official language for some. The ancient Greeks wrote things that aren’t that different from what we write today. In school, you wrote poems, stories, essays, and other things for lessons. When you were older you wrote job papers, trading notes, and letters. There’s probably a lot more we can learn about the ancient Greek alphabet.

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