How Did The Failure Of The Company Help You Later On? Essay

How Did The Failure Of The Company Help You Later On? Essay

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With many ways to already interview the employees I believe we should add a few more such as STAR or “situation, task, action, and result”(Greco)

Together, these successive elements add up to
What would you do to make our business more successful?
How did the failure in the company help you later on?
How would you help this company?

with these questions you can keep them less hypothetical and more about actual experience. Greco also talks about keeping the conversation rolling, and with examples of the interviewee experience with others and their work, than how they handled losing an argument and she talks about behavioral interviewing which is determining the future behavior based on the past.

each question is designed to assess a particular skill, that one could use in order to help the company survive

“According to Barve, the ideal response should include two components in addition to the details of what happened: the remedial action initiated to correct the errors and the steps taken to prevent them from re-occurring. “( Greco)

each of these strategies have a different component that is desired from all the employees each question relies on experience and is not to be lightly taken.

In small businesses they have a process called panel interviewing, where the candidates meet with employees and get there to see how interviewees interacts and evaluates them. We can have many outlooks on the interviewee which leads to not only stronger trust in the manager but better team building.

With all interview beware silence

Try to keep engaged and interested
Ask about former employment
What are your weaknesses
Just avoid silence
Silence can be a killer in an interview if the interviewee feels un...

... middle of paper ... great in interviews, but bad on the job. They cannot work in the environment but they can handle people great
Solution: Test them. Make sure all they have more than just words on a paper
With any problem there is a solutions as shown though some are not desired.
With this I have still have two interview styles to go over.
A mixed interview is a interview that has any two aspects from the interviewing styles and combines them. Utilizing the best of both the tactics.
And then the rushed interview which usually is quick.
And then there are ten ways to improve interview skills
Dress for the Job or Company
Practice Good Nonverbal Communication
Don 't Talk Too Much
Use Appropriate Language
Don 't Be Too Familiar
Don 't Be Cocky
Take Care to Answer the Questions
Ask Questions
Don 't Appear Desperate

With these tips managers can become the workers all bosses want.

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