How Did The Change Affect The Way Family Life? Essay

How Did The Change Affect The Way Family Life? Essay

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One of the major concerns today is how we have allowed so-called successes and the changes in society to affect the way family life is. In our little Bahamas, one of the major concerns is that the bonds that held the family together are disappearing. Consequently, we are slowly forgetting the meaning of family care, and the appreciation for family. Moreover, parents are neglecting their responsibilities because of the pressure from society. We see from our history that the family structure has changed drastically over the last fifty years. However as a society change, the family and way of living have changed also. Catherine Pulsifer states, “People come and go in our lives, but a beauty of life is that our family is always there”. The principles and values our ancestors lived by are no longer valued; we have become a successful society with the major family crises.
In our little Bahamas, one of the major concerns is that the bonds that held the family together are disappearing. Attending church is not something families do together anymore. If the mother goes to church it is usually without the father or the children. Some parents can even be seen sending their children off to Sunday school while the parents remain at home. Even personalize entertainment has replaced family time. Family members used to play games together or go to the movies together, now each child has a video game which they play alone in their room. Parents too are now into this individualized entertainment as many fathers in the Bahamas spend their free time watching their television programs while many mothers are in a separate room watching theirs. Even eating dinner as a family has become a major task so children eat when they come home and each par...

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...ay from the household. Sometimes children involve themselves in criminal activities because no parent is tracking their movements.
The truth is, family values have changed from years ago and what was important then, has become unimportant. Forty years ago, it would have seemed strange to see and hear about the many social problems that the family has to deal with. Many modern parents don’t know how to discipline their children The Bahamas has indeed lost ‘the village’ concept. But most importantly the absent of the authority figure, the father. Even though the family strives for success, it should not replace spending time with the family. As Catherine Pulsifer states, “People come and go in our lives, but a beauty of life is that our family is always there”. Therefore, those bonds that hold the family together are very important to the survival of the family.

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