How Did America End Up The War? Essay

How Did America End Up The War? Essay

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On June 28, 1914, in Bosnian, Sarajevo, a Bosnian Serb terrorist assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand, the heir to Austro-Hungarian throne. Then on July 18, Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia, blaming them for the killing. Russia then announced that they were going to ally with the Serbs. Due to the Triple Alliance, between Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy; and the Triple Entente (also known as “the allies”, between Great Britain, France, and Russia. The war was not going to remain just between the two countries. These conditions and events were the beginning of the First World War. As all these events began to unfold America attempted to remain neutral in the war. Despite their attempt to stay neutral. America ended up in the First World War. How did America end up the war; was it by choice; if so, was it the right decision for them to make?
After Russia decided to side with the Serbs, Germany compelled by a treaty, was forced to support Austria-Hungary and attacked France and Russia. In response to this attack, Great Britain, endorsing its covenant with France, declared war on Germany. The conflicts between the countries became a world war when Japan entered. Japan entered the war, siding with Germany, in attempt to relieve themselves from European opposition in China. In the beginning, Woodrow Wilson, the United States president at the time, stated that the war was solely a European conflict. Woodrow said, because it spiked no vital American interest and held no significant principle, the United States would remain neutral and continue normal relations with the warring nations. However, even though Woodrow claimed neutrality, him and many Americans, favored Great Britain and France. One of the main reasons for this was ...

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...could no longer allow neutral ships to reach Britain. Germany then announced that its navy would resume submarine warfare, and sink any ships without warning. This was a gamble for Germany as they predicted that the decision would bring the United States into the war. This was a problem for America’s economy as the majority of exports were being sent to Britain. Still Wilson still pushed to keep peace, and only broke of diplomatic relations with Germany.
This all changed on February 25, 1917, when British authorities informed Wilson of a telegram that they had intercepted between the German foreign secretary and German minister in Mexico. The telegram was sent by a man named Arthur Zimmermann, it stated that if the United States was to enter the war against Germany, that Germany would ensure that Mexico regained its lost territories; Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona.

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