How Democratic Is The American Constitution Essay

How Democratic Is The American Constitution Essay

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Robert Dahl states his opinion towards the Constitution in his novel How Democratic is the American Constitution? He goes through multiple subjects such as our government compared to other countries, the framers of the constitution, and what is stated in it that can be improved or should remain unchanged. Dahl makes several intriguing cases about laws that our outdated, and things that should be changed because they might not be accurate or modern. This was an enjoyable read and on many topics Robert A. Dahl and I seem to have similar views. I believe the American Constitution is not democratic.
The Framers of The Constitution
The novel begins with the people who created the document at the Constitutional Convention of 1787. After reading, I learned that not all the states were present at the beginning. I believe this meant that there were less diverse opinions at the beginning of the Convention when it came to voting for laws and deciding the rules of our country. In addition, I agree with the author when he states that this document was written a long time ago buy multiple men who represent their states, why should we still accept it? Lastly, Dahl states, “founding fathers and framers intended to create a republic not a democracy” (page 5). I concur with what the author has stated. Even though people in the United States still have the power to vote, we still have a president, Senate, and House of Representatives that make major decisions for our country.
Outdated Constitution
There are laws and ideas that are outdated in the Constitution that were made at the time of the Convention, such as the three-fifth compromise in Article I Section 2. This no longer affects the United States now since slavery has been banned for gener...

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...t friends. Most students in my age group would think this was a “dry” read and would not find it interesting. On the other hand, my father and roommate would enjoy this read because they are both very interested in history and politics.
Dahl bring up many great points in the novel, and the ones that stood out to me the most were the ones I discussed. When it comes to the Constitution, I believe it should be updated every couple of years, because our world and technology is changing. By having the same laws, we are not moving on from the past and advancing. We do need more equal representation when it comes to Senate, and we need more rights for women, Native Americans and African Americans. Since the Constitution is outdated and was mostly written by a group of men in 1787 that were mostly republican, it is seen as more of a republican document than a democratic one

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