How Culture Of Diverse Populations Can Impact Their Health Care Practices

How Culture Of Diverse Populations Can Impact Their Health Care Practices

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How culture, of diverse populations can impact their health care practices.
Lee, Goldstein, Brown and Ballard-Barbash, (2008) discuss the study results for the adaption process of acculturalization when one culture is in contact with another culture, which involves the adoption of the characteristics of the mainstream community. The study revealed the findings for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) in the practice areas of acupuncturist/Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), chiropractors and massage therapist, and curanderos use in regards to ethnic forms and its relationship during the acculturalization process. Furthermore, the study revealed the use of CAM being associated with firstly the extent of acculturalization, then socioeconomic status, health status, insurance coverage, English proficiency, and length of time in the US. The study participants reported diagnosis of the chronic conditions: asthma/lung/breathing problems, heart conditions/cardiovascular disasters, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, arthritis, back/neck problems, stroke, diabetes, hypertension, and depression/anxiety.
The impact upon traditions, beliefs and other culturally specific characteristics.
The findings based of the study found the longer the group spent in the US, they more likely to use CAM providers and therapies and the less likely use of ethnic-specific CAM. The findings indicated increased use of chiropractors and massage therapist in particular, with the inclusion of acupuncturist/TCM and curanderos, (A curandero or curandeiro is a traditional Native healer, shaman or Witch doctor found in the United States and Mexico), recognized as ethnic CAM providers for the study participants.
Cultural beliefs or traditions that pose ch...

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...stoms for the evaluation of the acculturalization process. A working knowledge of services available to assist in procuring work and insurance coverage certainly proves beneficial and enhances the ability to improve care provided.
In conclusion, the need for additional demographic gathering is essential in understanding the cultural makeup of Saline County residents. In the absence of the data, providers can utilize information provided from studies as a starting base in understanding healthcare needs of ethnic groups within their community. The development and use of questioners provide information to support care planning. Through use of the questionnaire providers can gather information for data regrading, language spoken, length of time in the US, insurance status and acceptance for the use of CAM. The data obtained serves as a guide in the care planning process

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