How Culture Affects The African American Community Essay

How Culture Affects The African American Community Essay

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What is culture and does it pays an important part in psychology? How does culture in psychology affect the African American community when it comes to dialog between doctor and patient and how this affects the relationship and diagnosis with the client? These are the question that I have to ask the viewer. Culture is the define knowledge and characteristics of a group of people that makes them who they are as a community. In my view I feel that a psychologist should understand the culture of someone that they are treating to help them better. Culture can be miscommunicated between the doctor and the patient ultimately resulting in misdiagnosis and resistant from the client. Every psychologist should strive to become culture competent which means the psychologist has the ability to work with a client in a sensitive way with culture diversity, and if the psychologist is capable of that he/she will develop a good functional relationship with their client causing the client to maybe up more about how they are feeling. Culture plays an important part in psychology especially when it come to the psychologist and African American clients it is a lot of mistrust and misdiagnosis that occur between psychologist and client.
I feel that the psychologist should have culture self-awareness before they are able to treat an African American client and put their beliefs or stereotypes behind them and really try to understand the client before treatment. Psychologist should understand the African community before taking on the case because if a doctor without understanding try to diagnosis an individual especially a person of an African American culture base on the description in the DSM text, the doctor can easily misdiagnosis an individual. Cu...

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...out that the child has aggression, will insist that the child has some type of mental disorder, and be quick to recommend that the child should be on some type of medication. That goes back to why I feel that for a psychologist to treat an African American person they have to get to know the culture overall adults and children.
In conclusion I feel that a psychologist have to know someone’s culture before they can treat them and diagnosis especially in African American people. Also I feel that before the start of treatment psychologists should have culture self-awareness and culture competence before treating black clients particularly those who are from low-income neighborhoods. And I have supported my opinion with evidence that inform the reader that culture plays an important role in dialog, treatment, and misdiagnosis especially those that are African American.

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