How Country Of Origin Labeling Essay

How Country Of Origin Labeling Essay

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How Country of Origin Labeling Began

With many American’s becoming more health conscious, groups such as consumer advocacy and agricultural groups started to push legislation to require country-of-origin labeling for food products. Over the past decade there have been a couple of instances of an outbreak of bovine spongi, mad cow disease, which has occurred in the United States. When one is faced with the possibility of buying contaminated meat it could hurt producer’s sales. The fear that this would happen is what urged producers to push for the enactment of COOL, country-of-origin labeling. COOL came about in 2002 by Congress amending the Agricultural Marketing Act of 1946. It was then at COOL was combined into the Farm Security and Rural Investment Act of 2002. This act was more commonly referred to as the Farm Act and/or Law. (17 page article thingy, do I need to go into more detail)

Do I need to add this in: The 2008 Farm Bill expressly authorizes the use of State, regional, or locality label
designations in lieu of country of origin for perishable agricultural commodities,
peanuts, ginseng, and macadamia nuts.

What is Country of Origin Labeling

The mandatory country of origin labeling law entails most retailors to that information requiring the country of origin for chicken, lamb, beef, goat, and pork products be provided. This act went into effect on September 30, 2008 with the final ruling going into effect on March 16, 2009. Information regarding country of origin whether it is provided by signs or labels is now mandatory on meat products that are sold in retail stores with the September 30 ru...

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...plying with the country of origin laws not every business is required to follow them. Country or origin laws excludes businesses such as: bars, cafeterias, delicatessens, food stands, lounges, lunchrooms, and restaurants. Processed food such as hot dogs are not required to comply with country of origin labeling. As previously stated, any business required to be licensed by the PACA must comply with the COOL regulations.

Since not every business is required to comply with country of origin labeling it sends a false message to customers. Once a customer gets use to shopping in a certain place that has the COOL requirements, they could automatically assume that all businesses have to follow the same rules. They could go into a local grocery store that is under the $230,000 marker and automatically assume the meat and other products meet the COOL requirements.

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