How Corruption Is Viewed By Politicians And Government Officials Essay

How Corruption Is Viewed By Politicians And Government Officials Essay

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This chapter will critically examine the difficulties in defining what it means to be corrupt and in particular to be politically corrupt in the UK. These definitions will be examined as to their effectiveness in explaining what corruption is and whether the difficulties identified have contributed to how corruption is viewed by some politicians and government officials. There will always also be an examination as to why it appears that the definitions of corruption are trying to capture the essence of this phenomenon by defining it by using just a few words; which can lead in some cases to what could be an over-simplification or complication of the definition of corruption. The prevention of Corruption Act 1906 was enacted on the 01/01/1907, although repealed this piece of legislation contains a detailed description of what it is to be corrupt and could be updated to deal more efficiently with corruption offences.

Definition of corruption
It is important to have clear guidelines of what it means to be corrupt; if not when corrupt deeds occur it will be difficult to identify them as such, in other words there should be an understanding of what has been bought and sold in a corrupt act, (Rose-Ackerman, 2001,p.21). It has been said that everyone knows what corruption is, (Deysine, 1980, p.448). It is most probable that most people could give some sort of description or example of what they believe corruption to be. It would remain however, to be seen as to whether they could all give a correct account of what it is to be corrupt. On the other hand Scanlan, 2004, p.316 believes most people would actually find it difficult to define corruption. Others, Davis & Rule, 2003,p.?? Argued that the definition of corruption should be what th...

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...iety might never be implemented as it would mean that they too would be criminalised.

The UK parliament consists of 650 ???, Although it has been noted that corruption is not endemic in the UK, if some MP’s are seen or known to behave corruptly with impunity whilst in office, then it could lead to others behaving corruptly given the opportunity. Tavits (2010) found public officials were more likely to engage in corrupt acts if they believed their peers to be corrupt. Krohn (1999 cites (Akers, 1998) similarly found probability that people will engage in criminal and deviant behaviour is much higher when they associate with others who commit criminal acts. These are factors to consider in whether political corruption in managed effectively.

• Those that are charged with shaping laws might not necessarily criminalise all the actions that could be deemed corrupt

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