How Contraception Affect The Ethics Of The Church, Politics, And Society

How Contraception Affect The Ethics Of The Church, Politics, And Society

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God commanded his people to "Be fruitful and multiply," and contraception is seen as specifically flouting this instruction. Contraception has been around since the 1950 and even from the beginning it has caused a lot of conversation. Most of the conversation has been about the ethics of contraception. Many argue that it is morally incorrect to take birth control or use any other contraceptives because you are missing with Gods fate. Ohers believe that it should be used because it lowers abortion rates and it has prevented a lot of unwanted pregnancy. This topic could be argued all day about the ethics of contraceptives. In these next paragraphs I would like to explain how contraceptives affect the ethics in the church, politics, and society.
The use of birth control pushes the topic of ethics and morals than in the church. The church is the place where the bible is interpreted in my different ways. You have the people that take it very literally and those that believe that its interpretation should be translate differently for this day in age. Birth control is most churches will always cause controversy within the congregation. In an article by William Sale tan, Pope Paul says that “saw contraception as a gateway to license and chaos. It "could open wide the way for marital infidelity and a general lowering of moral standards.”(William Saletan) we all know that in any church that the goal is to abstain to marriage to have sexual intercourse. He is saying contraception contradict the bible by saying that if you’re on birth control or use a condom it’s not that bad. In the article, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger says” we cannot resolve great moral problems simply with techniques, with chemistry, but must solve them morally, with a life...

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...-take the tension out of sex life that was there because of the fear of pregnancy.” ( Janet E Smith). In regards to the unexpected pregnancies and abortions it says “Surely contraception would help people not get pregnant when they didn 't want to get pregnant. And, concomitant with a decrease in unwanted pregnancies, there would truly be a decrease in the number of abortions.”( Janet E Smith).
Contraceptives have come a long way but they still have a ways more to come when it comes to being accepted by all. They have made many leaps and bounds for women’s and will continue to do so and will help all women. I think that you can have contraceptives wit ethics and morals as well. What has to stay consistent is who you are and what you believe in. No matter what new innovations are technology comes around, if you can stay strong to what you believe in you will be fine.

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