How Communication Is The Most Important Aspect Of Any Relationship Or Partnership?

How Communication Is The Most Important Aspect Of Any Relationship Or Partnership?

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Experts have stated for years that communication is the most important aspect of any relationship or partnership. We find this to be true in a long-lasting marriage as well as any limited-liability corporation (LLC) grown between two best friends. The truth in the teacher/home/school relationship is that it comes with a totally different reality. Teachers and parents are drawn together because of the their children’s required education. The law mandates it!!! There is no past in which this relationship has been given time in which to develop and grow like a good marriage or business.

I started the development of my question on this premise. What is the level of valued communication between the teacher/school and the parents/family of the English Language Learner we are doing our best to educate? Recognizing this relationship already starts with many barriers, such as culture with its greatest element the language, which dictates communication in that native culture. My mind was running with a myriad of assumptions of what problems could appear and in retrospect “who” was responsible for these issues and barriers. Then understanding that ultimately the goal is to find ways to overcome these barriers in order to best prepare the child who needs an education. The federal government has already mandated that “No child be left behind”. So this difficult task has been laid in our laps as educators and as parents.

I started my interviews by visiting with a young neighbor who is a High School ELL teacher at Amphi High School. Mrs. Lyndsey Pun is a young mother who with her husband is forging out their own relationship and that of their seven-month-old son. She has worked at Amphi High School as an English Language Developer...

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...e third way of parent to teacher/school communication is actually when the young student becomes translator for the parents and teacher. This places a lot of unfair expectation on the student. It also limits the actual depth of communication taking place between the parent and school. I label this new gap of communication the translation gap in communication. When there is no clear communicator on behalf of the needs of the child, there is an almost complete loss of comprehensible communication as a result of the actual translation.

Julie Casper is a school coordinator for English with a group called Refugee Focus. She works at the “Center” teaching ELL to all level of students as part of a greater refugee need. Here some of my concerns for the refugees were alleviated. I also discovered some possible answers to the greater needs of the ELL students, but at

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