How Communication Has Changed in the Last Twenty Years Essay

How Communication Has Changed in the Last Twenty Years Essay

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Phones have changed over the past twenty years and have had a positive and negative effect on people. Man kind as find many ways to communicate and stay connected with each other and the most common way is by a cellphone. Phones Cellphones have become one apart of our daily lives and some people just cannot live without them. In fact people use them more like computes than an actual phone itself. Most people let their phones control their lives and if their not carful it could have some serious consequences. Phones continue to get more and more advanced as time moves forward. However, in the beginning phones had a tough time getting out to the public however, if it was not for the first step into technology we would not have the phones we have today.
Back in the late 70s and early 80s phones did not have cameras or web browsing or anything like that. They were basically just plastic boxes with wiring inside unlike today’s smartphones with glass touchscreens HD camcorders, video calling, and web capability, but if not for the first cellphone we would not have come so far since then. In 1973 the founder of Motorola Martin Cooper made it easier to call and chat with people and made the worlds first mobile phone. However, it was not approved by the FCC until September 21, 1983, when it became the first commercial portable cellphone. At a cost of $3,995 people thought of this as the future of communication and everyone wanted to get their hands on one though looking back on it now they might have been a little over priced compared to todays modern cellphone prices. We have come a long way since the 70s phones have become more compacted easier to take on the go and today mankind is still coming up with ever newer ways to stay close to ...

... middle of paper ... does come we can just stick with the phones we have now. Who knows what the future may have for cellphones but that’s the one thing people can look forward to. When it comes to using phones they we all must try use them wisely and make sure and keep up with the real world rather then the one we have on our phones themselves. Time continues to move forward and so will technology the things we use now will still have an important role for us and no matter what cellphones will remain as one of the most important invention in human history.

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