How committed is Canada, with respect to environmental security in the international community?

How committed is Canada, with respect to environmental security in the international community?

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In Canada, concerns involving environmental security are not the top priority. But due to recent research, Canada must be more strongly committed to environmental security due to increasing environmental problems internationally. There are many ways Canada can stay committed to environmental security, for example, increased funding to Canada’s Department of National Defence’s Environment Department. Also to stay committed to increased access and support to Voluntary Environmental Programs across Canada. Finally to completely stay up to world standards in environmental security, Canada must implement an effective environmental planning system. Throughout the essay, the topic at hand will be if Canada is able to implement these actions to make the nation more environmentally stable and explain that environmental security should be a main means of concern in Canada.
Canada’s Department of National Defence (DND) created the Environment Department on 1983. What motivated the DND to do so was that there was an outrageous amount of environmental issues emerging in 1983 within Canada. The Environment Department started with energy conservation, then forestry and vegetation concerns, and on to storage tanks and sewage treatment facilities. Over time, the department realized that one of their main concerns was sites contaminated by prior military practices, such as disposal of chemicals or ammunition. There is a policy in place for site closures and to ensure that the pollution of these sites is diminished. The policy is the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act and it governs issues such as the acquisition of a new base or the closure of a facility. Many sites have been found across Canada and are under control but sadly the Environment ...

... middle of paper ... all eight steps in the environmental planning system. Therefore once these eight pieces of criteria are met, Canada will be strongly committed to environmental security.
In conclusion, the steps needed to make Canada more committed to environmental security are in place. It is up to the Canadian government and also the Canadian population to realize what is available and help our nation when it comes to environmental security. Whether it be increased funding to the DND’s Environment Department or increased accessibility and support to Canadian VEPs. And most importantly, meeting the eight steps of the environmental planning system. The information and resources are all there for Canada, the federal, provincial and local governments must now use these resources to improve the environmental security across the true north strong and free, the land we call home.

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