How Color Between Color And Emotions Essay

How Color Between Color And Emotions Essay

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Research shows that different colors are associated with different meanings and emotions; therefore, different colored rooms can have a significant effect on someone’s mood. Color can be used to describe everything we see, and most people have a favorite color. Objects and environments are often judged based on color, and different people are attracted to different colors. Many studies demonstrate the associations between color and emotions, and although results vary among individuals, there is still correlation. Researchers are still unsure if these connections are learned or innate; however, many factors can influence associations formed between color and emotion.
In a study conducted to examine color emotions produced by three color schemes (cool, warm, and achromatic), 290 undergraduate students aged 18-24 were presented with digital pictures of two living rooms in these three color schemes. Two experiments were completed using the same questionnaire, with 150 male and female participants in the first, and 140 in the second. The questionnaire consisted of two parts; the first asked for general information about the participants, while the second asked them to record their evaluations of the different colored living rooms on a scale of 1-7 based on given opposite adjectives (ex. happy/unhappy, calm/arousing, etc.). The pictures of the living rooms were presented using a projector, and the participants had approximately 15 minutes to complete the second part of the questionnaire.
When analyzed, the results showed the effect of different color schemes on feelings and emotions. Warm colors evoked feelings of higher arousal, stimulation, and excitement than cool colors, whereas achromatic colors had the lowest association with the...

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...sociated with arousal than cool colors. Hypothesis one was supported by the studies, whereas hypothesis two had no significant results. Red and blue are opposite colors, meaning they are on opposite sides of the color spectrum, with red having the longest wavelength and blue having the shortest. Many studies show red to be more associated with feelings of arousal than blue (Hyodo, J.).
Living in a world surrounded by color, we tend to make associations between colors and feelings or emotions. Different people experience different moods based on different colors. Variables affecting associations formed between color and emotion may include culture, gender, age, and socioeconomic status. However, cool colors tend to have a higher correlation to calmness and peacefulness, whereas warm colors are more highly connected to feelings of excitement, arousal, and stimulation.

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