Essay on How College And Universities Function

Essay on How College And Universities Function

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• What did you learn this semester about how college and universities function, how to be a better higher education professional, and how to be a successful graduate students?
Coming into this class I really had no clue how institutions functioned. I only had my personal experience as a student at a university, and my time in the study abroad office, which both brought very little knowledge about an institution as a whole. One thing I feel is important, that I learned, is that although a university has so many levels and divisions, if those departments are unable to work together and collaborate then it will be extremely difficult to achieve the mission and goals of the institution. There are so many challenges that colleges and universities face from internal and external influences, and if they don’t work as a cohesive entity then they will struggle with successfully meeting those challenges.
Knowing this aspect of an institution I, as a higher education professional, know that I need to be knowledgeable on the various departments on a campus. I need to be able to work well with each and every department for both the success of my office but also theirs as well. It’s this collaboration for the overall good of the institution, not just one field, which will create a successful university.
As a graduate student I can start working towards this goal of understanding and collaboration. I can not only research and learn about my field but also branch out and learn about the other departments at a university. By doing so I can see how the different fields can benefit each other and work well together.

• What questions do you still have about our topics/what would you like to learn more about?
I still feel that I need to study more a...

... middle of paper ...

...hink my inability to make decisions affected my time management and quality of the paper.

• What grade would you give yourself in this class, and why?
I would give myself an A for this class. I feel that I at least met if not exceeded the expectations set for the assignments. Although I know that grades are important, I feel what is more important is that I actually learning something. I had no knowledge about higher education except the University of Arkansas and its study abroad programs before this course. Now I have a better understanding of the many different roles that make up higher education and the diversity within the field. I understand there is still a lot more to learn but going into student affairs I know now that there is so much that makes up higher education and it will be my responsibility to understand the structure and work cohesively within it.

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