How Collaboration Is Important For Working Together

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People today are not taught to be innovative. They are taught to fit a certain standard and not think “outside the box.” This is a big issue in the workplace. If employees are not told what to do, they become hesitant because there are no directions. Since this happens so often they do not have the ability to be creative. To solve this problem, employers should offer their employees the best kind of environment that will allow them to experiment and effectively develop their visions. Collaboration is when a group of people works together through sharing ideas and is looking to accomplish a common goal. Linda Hill said, “Innovation is a journey. It is a type of collaborative solving among people with different points of views.” Putting heads together will expose multiple abilities and viewpoints to clarify any complications. Collaboration is a relevant cause for working together. In the long run, it should benefit the whole association. Collaboration is necessary in order to solve problems. Everyone is capable with coming up with ideas. When everyone applies their skills, mindset, and passions, they will be able to make a new product. Teamwork contains an infinite number of ideas. Every idea is explored and investigated to figure out which ones are able to “fit into a coherent whole.” (Catmull). The absolute idea for the ending product is just the beginning of the entire process. It is the collaborating part that leads the group to the final point. It takes a lot of trust and respect to be able to depend on one another in order to be successful. An example of a company, who thrives on the meaning of joint effort, is Google. Google was voted the best place to work for six years running. The company offers th... ... middle of paper ... ... “Time pressure quashes creativity. Employees were forty-five percent less likely to think creatively on high pressure days than they were on low pressure days.” (Turley). Creativity takes a lot of time and patience. You cannot put a deadline on it. For example, at Pixar, it takes two hundred-fifty people and four to five years to make one film. (Hill). Many talented individuals must come together and be willing to put in the time and effort to come up with another bona fide film. (Catmull). It takes patience and an inclusive decision making process to allow all solutions to arise. (Hill). Joining forces will help alleviate the additional stress of pressed time. Since the procedure for creativity is so long, people do not want to go through the process, but instead, just want to see the results right away. Time is standard when coming up with new ideas.
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