Essay on How Coffee Affects The Brain

Essay on How Coffee Affects The Brain

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The Brain on Coffee
Specific Purpose: To inform the class about how a cup of coffee affects the brain.

I. Open with Impact: How much coffee do you drink? How is that cup of coffee affecting your brain, thinking skills, alertness, sleep, and overall health?
II. Connect: I love coffee just as much as any college student and I drink about 3 cups of black coffee a day.
III. Focus: Many research studies have examined how coffee affects the brain and its functions, and with a healthy diet coffee has many benefits – but also disadvantages.
Preview: The potential effects are related to the main ingredient in coffee – caffeine. Caffeine is a drug that stimulates the central nervous system that increases alertness and energy, but it is also very addictive.
IV. In a 2015 study, the percent of Americans aged 18+ who drink coffee on any given day is 59% (Ledbetter).
A. The new 2015 dietary guidelines just released say 3 to 5 cups of coffee are healthy, as long as you don 't add cream, milk or sugar (Ledbetter).
V. Miriam Nelson, a professor at Tufts University and one of the committee’s members, said "We saw that coffee has a lot of health benefits, specifically when you 're drinking more than a couple cups per day." (Ferdman).
A. Researchers from the National Institute on Aging claim that having a daily intake of coffee appropriately with a healthy diet can increase long term energy, boost memory and thinking skills, and improve sleep quality. Though, overdosing or withdrawing from coffee can cause some irritable disadvantages. (“Coffee”).
(Signpost: So what about you? Do you drink coffee? If so, how much? Are you aware of the effects coffee has other than just increasing energy? Here’s information on the other ad...

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...on Post.
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