How Classical Conditioning Works Affects People 's Social Lives Essay

How Classical Conditioning Works Affects People 's Social Lives Essay

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1. Classical Conditioning- It is a learning process when a conditioned stimulus goes together with an unconditioned stimulus multiple times until the conditioned stimulus is strong enough to evoke a response on its own. Let’s say a male takes this certain intersection every day to work, but now this one time he gets in an accident at this intersection. Now every time he goes through this accident he feels uncomfortable and anxious. He may start sweating profusely and gets really nervous. This is an example of how classical conditioning works in everyday life and you may not recognize it. This type of learning can affect people’s social lives. Like from the example when this guy gets in an accident he conditions himself to fear the intersection. He copes with this fear by getting all nervous and frustrated. This term can deal with how people cope under certain situations and effect there whole lifestyle. If a kid was beaten by his parents when he did not get good grades, so the person fears getting bad grades and anytime they do they might do drugs or cope with it in a negative way.
2. Coping- the effort to reduce or tolerate the amount of stress on a person in their everyday life. There are many ways people cope with certain situations. So let’s say two people fail and exam, one person may say that they failed because they are stupid and just suck at that subject. The other person could say that the test was unfair and that it shouldn’t count. A different example would be someone is struggling with work and they go for a run to release stress. This is a better way to deal with stress. Coping is with your everyday life this might include driving, work, school, relationships, and sports. The way you cope with certain situations ca...

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...studies overt or observable behavior.
5. Reference group- is a group of people that someone compares themselves to in certain social situations. People usually choose their reference group strategically. When someone takes a math exam in high school they usually compare their grade to the class average or students that are similar to themself. Using a reference group is used by almost all students in college. You want to do better than the people who you compare yourself to. In studies reference group can impact whether you do your best or if you do the least amount possible. They challenge you and can have a positive impact on your life. I feel like having a reference group can either relieve stress or add on to it. It will depend on whether you are doing better or worse than the group. This can shape how you feel about yourself and can influence your confidence.

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