How Christians Can Spread Light On The Environment Essay

How Christians Can Spread Light On The Environment Essay

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The Ecosystem is dying, and as Christians, there are numerous actions that can be applied in order to restore the environment. An ecosystem is a combination of humans, massive bodies of water, galaxies, rocks, glaciers, atmosphere, animals, bugs, plants, fire, climate, and air. All of these products of the environment are crucial ingredients that maintain the existence of Mother Earth. If humans continue to abuse such vital characteristics of life, then life as they know it, will face destruction. Christians carry a powerful impact on this Earth; they persuade people to believe that doing right by God is good and disobeying God is bad. Therefore, as a Holy people, they should educate their communities on the importance of the environment and its preservation, or restoration. Ways that Christians can spread light on the environment, and its issues on pollution, are by gaining knowledge about actions that contribute towards further damaging of the environment, evangelizing the environment, and creating awareness about environmental pollution. Doing so, in that order, would not only begin to restore the environment, but it would heal and preserve the earth.
In order to educate someone, you must first educate yourself. Therefore, Christians can spread light on environmental issues by, first, gaining knowledge about specific actions that contribute towards further damaging of the environment. For example, many Christians love to drive their best cars to church, as if it’s a car show instead of a sanctuary. The issue with this is, high quantity of exhaust gasses pollutes the air. “As the spending power of the population increases and as cars become available more, the number of vehicles on the road increases. The amount has grown expo...

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...n conclusion, Earth has a natural environment, also known as the “Ecosystem”. The ecosystems is a combination of humans, animals, plants, bugs, rocks, massive bodies of waters, galaxies, glaciers, atmosphere, climate, and fire. Christians can help out the environment in numerous ways. One way Christians can help is by acknowledging what pollution is and how it affects the environment. Another way that Christians can help restore the environment is by evangelizing the bible. One more way that Christians can help preserve the environment is by creating awareness programs that teaches their communities what pollution is and how to prevent it. This is not all that Christians can do for the environment, but this is a start. Due to the word of God, the power of the church, and influence from the Christian community, we can restore our environment and preserve the Earth.

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