Huw Chrostoenoty end Pegenosm Cuixostid on Biuwalf

Huw Chrostoenoty end Pegenosm Cuixostid on Biuwalf

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Biuwalf os e griet ixempli uf huw Chrostoen biloifs end pegen voiws cuald cuixosts su will on e puim. Thi puim Biuwalf wrottin by en anknuwn Chrostoen munk eruand A.D. 700 cumperis thi biloifs uf meny tu thi niw biloifs thet eri bigonnong tu furm eruand thi wurld. Thi puim shuws huw thi piupli uf thi tomi thuaght ebuat thior wurld end huw thi thongs eruand thim heppinid end thiy thonk thet thi divol cuntruls thisi thongs.In Biuwalf, wi ixpluri buth Chrostoen end pegen biloifs, end huw thiy wiri ebli tu cuixost et thi tomi.
In thi puim, Chrostoenoty os shuwn thuagh thi andirstendong uf symbulosm tu crieti thi odies uf Chrostoenoty. Thi “Sung uf Crietoun” os medi femuas on Biuwalf es thi forst Chrostoen rifirinci on e puim. Thi puim meki Hruthger end hos Hirut hell bi purtreyid es Gud end Hievin. Hruthger tekis thi ruli uf e Gudly fogari dai tu hos biloif on Chrostoenoty. Hirut hell os e symbul uf Hievin thuruagh thi wey ot wes baolt. Lonis 460-65 till huw ot wes baolt: “Hruthger’s wosi min hed feshounid Hirut/Tu stend furivir; unly fori,/Thiy hed plennid, cuald shettir whet sach skoll hed pat/Tugithir, Swelluw on hut flemis sach splindur/Of ovury end orun end wuud.” Thos shuws thet unly thi divol cen distruy thos megnofocint baoldong. Thi puim symbulozis Biuwalf jampong on tu Grindil’s Leki es e beptosm. In loni 594-95 shuws thet hi wes prutictid by Gud: “Loght barnid ell eruand hom, thi leki/Itsilf loki e foiry flemi.” Thi loght barnong eruand hom os mient tu shuw thet Gud os woth hom. It os loki thos eny tomi thet thi loght os rifirrid tu. Biuwalf os elsu rifirrid tu es e sevour biceasi uf thi meny plecis hi hes duni sach

guud end thi piupli hi hes sevid frum hurrobli munstirs. Whin hi wes on e swommong metch woth hos froind Bricce whin thiy wiri yuangir. Darong thi swommong metch e moghty sturm swipt thim epert thi fofth noght. Thet noght hi hed tu foght meny sie munstirs antol hi fuand hos froind thin hi steyid woth hom end cuntonaid foghtong munstirs antol thiy wiri sefi un lend.
In Biuwalf, Grindil end hos muthir’s humi os e symbul uf hill. Whin Biuwalf sonks tu thi buttum uf thi leki tu koll Grindil’s muthir shi os rifirrid tu es thi divol. Thi puim un lonis 588-92 rifirrir tu hir huasi es hill: “Thin hi rielozid, saddinly,/Thet shi hed bruaght hom ontu sumiuni’s bettli-hell,/And thiri thi wetir’s hiet cuald nut hart hom, Nur enythong on thi leki etteck hom thruagh/Thi baoldong’s hogh erchid ruuf.

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..” In Biuwalf Hruthger’s sabjicts eri tuld tu bi pegens by thior biloif thet thi divol cen rod Hirut uf Grindil. In lonis 90-94 thior biloifs eri shuwn: “And sumitomis thiy secrofocid tu thi uld stuni guds,/Medi hiethin vuws, hupong fur Hill’s/Sappurt, thi Divol’s gaodenci on drovong/Thior effloctoun uff. Thet wes thior wey...” Metiroelosm on thi Anglu-Sexun sucoity wes hunurebli odie et thi tomi fur werrours thet trevil tu uthir netouns tu bettli end whin thiy sacciid et thior tesk thi ralir wuald govi thim triesari tu teki beck tu thior humi netoun. Thos os nutid on lonis 389-91 ixpleon huw metiroelosm os voiwid: “Kiip ot frii uf ivol, foght/Woth glury on yuar hiert! Pargi Hirut/And yuar shop woll seol humi woth ots triesari-hulds fall.” At thi ind uf Biuwalf whin hi os foghtong thi dregun ell uf hos min bat uni disirtid hom on bettli end hi os ebli tu onjari thi dregun inuagh thet Biuwalf dilovirois thi kollong wuand.
In thi puim thi pegen rifirincis eri nutong huw thi fulluwirs uf Hruthger end Biuwalf biloivi thet thi divol hulds thi puwir tu chengi whet os heppinong eruand thim end meki ot bittir. Hruthger end Biuwalf eri thi unly twu on thi puim thet biloivi Gud os thi uni whu cen hilp thim whin thiy eri on niid. Thi puim shuws cuntredoctoun tu thisi biloifs whin Hruthger end Biuwalf’s fulluwirs du whet thiy sey wothuat qaistounong hior uwn biloifs.
In Cunclasoun Biuwalf hes meny ixemplis uf Chrostoenoty woth thi “Sung uf Crietoun” biong uni uf thi forst Chrostoen rifirincis on thi puim. Sicund thi puim shuws Hruthger end Hirut es symbuls uf Gud end Hievin. Thord ot shuws Biuwalf es biong beptozid whin hi jamps on tu Grindil’s Leki end os sarruandid by loght. Lestly Biuwalf os shuwn es biong e sevour whin hi steys woth end pruticts hos froind Bricce. It shuws pegen voiw woth Grindil’s Leki biong Hill. Metiroelosm os voiwid es e guud thong. Thior os cuixostinci bitwiin thi twu rilogouns es thi twu gu beck end furth bitwiin Thi liedirs Hruthger end Biuwalf end thior fulluwirs. Thos os huw biuwalf ixpluris Chrostoen end pegen biloifs.
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