How China Has Become Well Known For Its Production Of Silk Essay example

How China Has Become Well Known For Its Production Of Silk Essay example

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China has become well known for its production of silk, made from the cocoons of caterpillars known as silkworms. Often throughout this culture, silk banners would be woven and painted in honor of funerary purposes. Most of archeologist’s knowledge of these banners has been cataloged from the tomb of the marquise of Dai at Mawangdui according to Kleiner’s research. When thinking of China, geographically one might imagine East Asia, but topographically and climatically the region the region varies from plains, rivers, mountains, and fertile farmlands. This is not the only variance specific to the country, the spoken language often encounters a difference dialects, which is unified by the spoken language to bridge the language barriers prevalent throughout each region. Recently discoveries in China have dated its archaeological records all the way as far back as the seventh or early sixth millennium BCE. These discoveries are most accurately represented by the pieces of Yangshao Pottery, which Kleiner suggests may have been produced before the fourth millennium BCE.
Ancient cultures of China can be expressed effectively in the works discovered from different time periods, but the main periods representing China come from some of the earliest dynasties located in the region. The Shang Dynasty was one of the first located in China, and is commonly referred to as the Bronze Age of Chinese Culture. Around 1050 BCE the Shang Dynasty was overthrown and was replaced with the Zhou Dynasty whose era is often split into two subjects known as the Western & Eastern Eras. Under the Zhou’s rule, market places and bronze currency was introduced to the common people, and brought about a sense of prosperity to the community. The peace did not quite...

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...tively influence by Chinese practice, but allowed for personal distinction in work to flourish through inspiration instead of replication. Pottery was a heavy part of the cultures aligned within Korea, and derived as far back as the Neolithic Period around 6000 BCE. In more modern era, Korea was aided by China’s emperor to help establish unity amongst the country in 668 CE. This period was known as the Unified Silla Kingdom, which Kleiner states many regarded as Korea’s golden age. Similar to China, Buddhism was a well-established religious practice amongst Korea, Confucianism also spread from China during the Silla era and was implemented into social and political practices. Although China was heavily influenced by its neighbors, this does not expel the fact that China played a major part in the distinction of other cultural practices represented in foreign regions.

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