Essay on How Children Do Kids Do You Have, What Ages?

Essay on How Children Do Kids Do You Have, What Ages?

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1. - How many children do you have, what ages? How many at this school?
I have two children one boys that is 6 year old and a girl that is 2 years old. My son is attending first grade, my girl is in a daycare.

2. - How do you find out what is going on at school?
The school provide different ways to maintain in communication about what is going on at school as well in my child’s classroom. The school have a parent board outside of the office, on that board parents can find all the information about the different events that are going on in at school. Also, parents can access the school web-page and find all the events at the calendar. Also the school have set up a phone call system that help parents keep inform about meetings, special events or days that school will be closed through the year. Also I am member of the PTA program, so I receive e-mails about the special fundraising activities and how I can support them and participated. Also my son’s teacher sent weekly letters, informing parents about what the children are learning and any special activity that they may be doing in the classroom. In my son’s classroom we assig a parent who is in charge to send e-mails to all the others parents regarding any activity or volunteer may be need it. I also get in touch with the teacher trough conferences, e-mail, when I go pick up my son or when I have time to do volunteer hours.

3. - What kind of information does the school or teacher provide? Is this enough, ok?
The information that we received from teacher is related to what children are learning in class weekly. Teacher send homework by week and she attaches a letter letting parents know in what area children needs extra support to achieve his goals (math, English, writing). The i...

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...nding that happens between parents and teachers at the school? Can you think of a time when this happened and tell me about it (not using names)? How did the problem get addressed or solved?
I have never experience a situation where I have a problem with any teacher. But I feel that one big misunderstanding is related to communication. If teacher and parents since the first day of school stablish an open communication less problems they will face.

22. - What advice do you have for new teachers who want to encourage parent involvement and to work well with parents.
My advice to a new teacher is create relationships with parents at all times. Also, find the best way to communicate with parents, because for some parents work schedule is hard to be involved in children’s education. But the most important advice is that never lost their passion for their profession.

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