How Childhood Is The Most Important Years Of A Person Essay example

How Childhood Is The Most Important Years Of A Person Essay example

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People experience many periods during their life. Each period of their life is very important for them. They also witness many events or meet many special things in each step of the life. The period which is the most important years of a person is childhood years, from birth to 12 years old. Because, in these years, they study many important things for the future life. Childhood builds the very foundation of an individual development. Although many theorists emphasize the importance of environs, family background, and a community atmosphere to which an individual is an exposure during the adolescence period, childhood times have been figuratively described by such neurologist as Freud as the seeds in which all genes are ingrained or embedded. Environs are the soil in which the seed grows, which means that childhood time lists itself at the top of importance to personal development because it is in the childhood that human beings form the skills that develop in the course of growing into one of the most important abilities to live and learn, childhood is the most important period also because during this period children shapes the competence to observe and perceive natural and society, the ability to perceive is the first step for human beings to learn or cognize. Childhood time implants various things. However, The characteristics, relationships, and learning ability and development of young children has a direct effect on their overall development and on the adult they will become.

Childhood is a significant period for children to create and develop their characteristics. Children are like sponges; they absorb massive amounts of information from sources all around. However, they could not tell what is good or evil. After gr...

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...the future, job opportunities and for people.However,the most significant thing is in a person’s childhood, which is long before going university. The most important features such as people 's behaviours and their communication with other people gain in childhood years and these features prepare the children for the future correctly. Childhood years take an important place in people 's lives. In childhood years,many things can be learned by their family or teacher easily and efficiently. Also, it is easier to affect them positively in this term.Because it is very difficult to change their negative behaviours or characteristics after a period of teenage.In brief,when everything is taken into consideration, we see that a person 's childhood years are very significant for children ' future than other periods.Because those periods are all under the influence of childhood.

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