Essay on How Celebrity Has Long Since The World Of Fame

Essay on How Celebrity Has Long Since The World Of Fame

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The idea of celebrity has long since astonished the everyday individual. Both men and women alike have looked upon a person in the world of fame in a way that equated them to an idol, a superbeing among others. As the interest in the lives of sought out individuals grew, so did the idea that they had to develop an image of sorts; a calling card that would serve to set them apart from others of their social stature. As the years went on, the image that the celebrity and their publicity team would come to depend more and more on different facets on the former’s life, how they dressed, where their lived, the cars they drove. Thusly they create a way to market themselves as well as products they use through the means of their fame . The latest styles and popular items, while not instituted by the celebrity, have been, and continue to be observed and duplicated by observing the person in the position of fame, in effort to achieve a similar lifestyle and sense of glamour that the idea believes them to possess.
Though it has long since passed, the golden age of fame usually brought individuals into the spotlight through different facets of talent, an affinity for the arts, such as song, drama or those of like. Yet starting with reality television’s debut, fame has come to be achieved through simple exposure to the lifestyle that can be led by those that already possess it. The terms “Instagram famous”, “vine famous”, “Facebook famous”, “famous for being famous” has come to signify those that have reached the level of superbeing without doing anything particularly extraordinary. Still fairly new, social media has come to be an aspect of popular culture that has catapulted many into the world of the rich and famous, while allowing others...

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... her fame from physicalities that have long since categorized black women .
With only certain aspects of black culture being appropriated by Jenner, she seems to be picking and choosing her own sense of ethnicity. By allowing herself desirable aspects and disregarding others that have been viewed negatively. Through the use of her fame, the teenager is able to normalize what has long since been attributed to the non-white community, almost welding together aspects of each that she likes. While some may view this is racial integration, it can also be seen as a loss of identity for the black community, a departure from what positively set them apart from others. By becoming a piece of popular culture herself, Jenner, along with her family, uses the same tools that black female artists, such as Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé, have before her to maximize her level of fame.

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