How Carthage Became The Equal Of Rome Essay

How Carthage Became The Equal Of Rome Essay

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How Carthage became almost the equal of Rome

Carthage was founded about 100years earlier than Rome and had very fertile lands and an excellent harbor. It grew economically and politically through trading Gold from Spain, Ivory, Linen, precious stones, and other valuable minerals from different states. They had a very large number of trading vessels to load these products and carry them from pot to pot. They also had a powerful navy of warships. Like the Roman empire the Carthagean empire acquired dominion over the native races of Africa, the Lydians and the Numidians. These two great states had controls over the small states they made their allies, or members of their confederations. They were almost equal in many ways, and even their economies were almost the same, though they differ in their government systems.

The strengths of the two governments

Carthage had the same kind of government with Rome. They had two magistrates called Suffetes, corresponding to the Roman Consuls, and a council of elders called the " hundred"which can be compared to the Roman senate. They had also an assembly just like the Roman Comitia. The Roman government was very knowledgeable in the process of incorporating their subjects into the state. All the states they gain control they either give their people full citizenship or sometimes they leave them with their governments running all the affairs but being guided and controlled by the Roman laws. These states were given the mandate to recruit very limited number of soldiers so that they keep on relying on the Roman army for security. This system made the Romans more powerful militarily since the soldiers were full citizens. The soldiers went to war with a passion for their country to protect and de...

... middle of paper ... it. This was going to threaten them seriously and undermine their imperial ambitions. They then accepted the offer and send many soldiers to Sicily and defeated the Carthageans there. this gave them opportunity to begin a serious war with Carthage which ended and resulted in the defeat of the Carthagean army and the control of Africa and Spain. The Romans were very strategic and creative. This made them the Naval power of those days. The Carthageans were asked now to pay ten thousand talents to the Romans and their army was reduced.

I like how creative and tactical the Romans were. They managed to build warships, about two hundred within a month . They also train their soldiers how to use those new modern warships within that same month. I also like their well-organized government system and their ambition to become the world 's supreme power which they achieved.

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