How Can You Make New Friends? Essay

How Can You Make New Friends? Essay

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Once there lived a boy named Tray. He seemed like a normal 16 year old to those who don’t know him, but to those who knew him, he was the weirdest kid ever. Tray had very little social experience. He would walk up to random people and hug them as if they were his parents. At school, everyone would try to stay away from him to avoid weird hugs.

At home, he would spend most of his time alone. If not, he would be spending time with his family. They were his only friends.

Life felt pretty dull to Tray. One day while tray was in his room thinking of ways to make new friends, he realized that the easiest way to make new friends was to try to impress them. Ever since this day all he dreamed about was to become someone great in the world. Like any other 16 year old, he wished for others approval and acceptance. Day after day he would think of ways to become popular, being a superhero, and anything that would give him approval and glory. Dreaming about being the football star at his school, dating Sarah (the most beautiful girl at school), and driving a Bentley to school felt as real as...

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