How Can You Get More Comments On Your Blog Essay

How Can You Get More Comments On Your Blog Essay

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How to get more comments on your blog

What is a blog? In simple words it is a website like any other websites which contains information, stories etc, which are then published on the internet or to the World Wide Web. It is updated online where people can write their stories and express themselves to the whole world. It is a place where people have a freedom to express what they are, what they want to do, it is something like what you want it to be. In other words it is just a collection of poems, articles, stories, News etc.
Bloggers are people just like us who come on the internet and share their stories and post updates about their lives and once their stories are update it can be seen by all the people on the internet. Blog is not a big task and anyone who has a basic knowledge of computers and if they have one at home with an internet connection, they can easily start writing their own blog by following some simple instruction and millions and millions of people all over the globe blog all most every day.
So why do people blog? Just a simple question yet very important to know. Well since the world now needs internet, it is now a medium to reach anywhere in the world and anyone now can reach the global platform just with in a fraction of time. Internet has now given wings of freedom to all the people of the world and equality of expression and its utilization and hence every people will get equal chance to share their idea, stories and so many other things. And yes there are so many people around the world who are very excited to come up to the world and share their stories and every detail of their day to day life and the thing is so many people love reading their bl...

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...d the contents.
4: When you start writing, write seriously and with passion because your blog is your reflection to the readers.
5: Give time to your subscribers, reply to their comments and ask for their suggestions. This way subscribes will fell nice and visit you blog more often.
6: Be very clear and don’t complicate the readers, be simple so that reader will get to understand everything from your blog.
7: Talk about the people who is loved or disliked by the people. You can talk about a politician, celebrities or anyone who can attract a large sum of readers and subscribers.
8: Have a time to read other blogs and the comments on their blog. You should know how your fellow bloggers are doing around you.
9: be confident and write as the whole world is going to read your blog which will make them to subscribe you, share your links and leave comments on your blog.

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