How Can You Get Honest With Yourself : 5 Daily Practices Essay

How Can You Get Honest With Yourself : 5 Daily Practices Essay

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How To Get Honest With Yourself: 5 Daily Practices

If you don 't want to waste any more time, then it 's time to discover who you are and what your life purpose is really about. Take some time out of each day to practice the following 5 things. If you do, you will find yourself becoming more and more honest with yourself.

1. Listen To Your Inner Self

You may be a very skilled liar. You may have been lying to yourself for so long that you can barely even recognize the truth when it slaps you in the face. But, you still know the truth inside of you.

Your inner self is acutely aware of when you are lying to yourself and when you are not. But, you need to consciously become aware that you are lying to yourself. Just like you do when you want to bust other people lying to you, it 's important to recognize the signs of lying. To see those, you have to look inside of your beliefs.

Your beliefs dictate whether you will lie to yourself for not. Sometimes they help you justify certain things, but sometimes you adopt unhealthy beliefs from other people and feel that they are very true. You may hear about a study that was done or a story that was published and use that to justify a belief that motivates you to lie to yourself.

For instance, if you are a smoker, then you may have heard about Tim who lived to be 105 while smoking a pack of cigarettes every day. Hearing that can give you the belief that smoking isn 't really that bad. I mean, if Tim can live to 105 smoking a ton, why can 't you? Then, you start to lie to yourself every time you take a drag of your cigarette instead of believing the truth that is clearly written out on the package and been proven in millions of people - smoking is killing you.

If you find yourself r...

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...f your answers will allow you a little more insight into yourself, which will help you be more honest with yourself.

5. Decide If Life Is Getting Better Or Worse

If you are being honest with yourself, then life is going to feel pretty good, and it will continue to get better as your honesty helps you get the life you really want. If you are not being honest with yourself, then life is getting worse. You are experiencing more stress and feeling more drained by the day.

If your life is not getting better, sit down and decide what 's wrong. Is it your relationships, physical health, mental health, or career? Do you feel like you are wasting too much time on useless stuff and never getting anything important done? These questions will give you a lot of insight into yourself, so really take the time to decide where things are going wrong and what you can do about it.

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