How Can You Feel Your Pain? Essay

How Can You Feel Your Pain? Essay

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Have you ever felt out of the ordinary? Like, you just can’t get someone to understand what you’re trying to tell them and when you do tell them, they think you are crazy? Have you ever heard the phrase “I Feel Your Pain” meaning to show empathy towards a loved one or just basically for respect? Have you ever felt pain from looking at someone? No I’m not talking about heartbreaks or fights. I am talking about pain from looking at others in pain. Or have you ever looked at something, could be food or any object and simply just get that taste lingering at the back of your throat, as if you actually ate it?
Well I have experienced it all. I can somehow feel others pain just by simply looking at that person and to add even more superstition, could predict sometimes when they will get hurt. Scary, right? Or when I look at the savory bacon across the room, I can just taste the saltiness and deliciousness. Problem is, now that I know what I feel, how do I actually research about this particular topic. I don’t think it 's as simple as just typing up “feeling others pain” in google and expecting the right answer instantly. Who knew that when I did type up “feeling others pain”, I would find many resources such as articles of people who have experience this in their lifetime, and or definitions. After reading some definitions and real life experiences provided, I came to a conclusion that I would pick the two definitions that stood out to me as being the closest description as to what I have. I picked ESP and Synesthesia.
One theory as to what I had in mind was ESP and that stands for extrasensory perception, or sometimes called the “sixth sense.” That would mean that you have an extra sense, unlike the five senses that you were taught...

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...t that as a child, we can’t differentiate what we actually feel. That is probably the reason why, when a child feels a certain way they either smile, cry, or laugh and us adults now don’t have a clue of what’s going on. It is as if there are tiny people living inside of our heads just like the Disney Movie Inside Out, where the main character Riley has these tiny “people” living inside her brain, telling her how to feel. Researcher and the first neurophysiological studies made about Synesthesia, Richard Cytowic did some research that had him believe that the Limbic System has something to do with the synesthetic experiences. Now what is the Limbic System you may ask, well that is a grouped structure of these five big technological words that includes amygdala, the hippocampus, mammillary bodies and cingulate gyrus. The Limbic System functions the emotions and memory.

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