How Can Work Long Hours? Essay

How Can Work Long Hours? Essay

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Not to flog this dead horse, but as said previously, if you manage and budget you time correctly, you will not have to work as many hours. There is also a part of you that gets used to working long hours to the point where after around a year it doesn’t bother you that much. Many people think that the pleasure of working from home is enough compensation for the fact they have to work long hours.

Some people work long hours, but learn to cope by making sure their non-work hours are more productive. It is highly advisable that you take up a sport or start running and/or swimming because writers put on weight. Have clear and strict cut off times for your work to be sure you do not spend all day writing. For example, tell yourself you will finish at 7pm and turn off your computer when that time comes.

Pro - You get to pick the people you work for

Many new and intermediate writers will disagree with this statement. Many will say they cannot pick their clients, they will say they have to work for whoever will pay them. This is not true!!!

As a writer, you can pick your clients. Sure, you are going to apply for work and be turned down, but you also have the choice of turning clients down. You can say no to a client if you want, and you can be very picky.

If you are good at your job, if you save money instead of live hand to mouth, and if you improve your craft and client-getting skills, you will be able to pick and choose the clients you work for.

Con - Some clients will give you the royal screwjob

Even as a veteran writer, and even if you take all precautions and work all due diligence, the fact is that some clients are going to screw you over (bigstyle!!!). The same is true if you work a regular job, and it is certainly true...

... middle of paper ...

...The last five online writing jobs you did may have been cover stories about free sex in every pub, but unless the person you are talking to has read it, then he or she is not that interested--so just avoid talking about it.

Pro - You can keep your overheads very low

The pay for online writing jobs is terrible, but as well as your high profit margins through low manufacture/creation costs, you also have your overheads working in your favor. You can work from home, which saves money on office space, and your home has all the amenities you would ever need, which means no fixture and fitting overheads besides maintaining your computer. Plus, you can portion around 25% to 40% of your home-based overheads as business expenses on your tax return. For example, you can note down between 25% to 40% of your rent as a business expense and have it knocked off your tax bill.

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