Essay on How Can We Stop Isis?

Essay on How Can We Stop Isis?

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How Can We Stop ISIS?
Extremism in the Middle East has become the major problem. This has caused a lot of problems for the residents of the region. Most people have lost their lives which include foreigners who were offering aid to the affected. ISIS is such an example of extreme individual that has terrorized people in the Middle East (Kristof, 2014). It is a Sunni, extremist and at the same time a Jihadist group that claims to have a state in Iraq and Syria. The group obtained a lot of support in Iraq because of the perceived economic and political discrimination against Iraq. However, its initial goals were to create an Islamic state in the Sunni-majority areas of Syria. The main questions to be answered, are the goals of the group justified?
Currently, the challenges faced by individuals in the Middle East have become an international issue as various countries have joined the fight against the group. Several executions of foreigners have attracted the attention of powerful countries that have promised to help the fight against the group. These include UK and USA (Kristof, 2014). However, the group has continued to execute their victims because they have still been able to capture people. The world has been trying to figure out their leader of which this might provide a good way of battling the group.
In 1982 in Saudi Arabia, Middle East, my childhood memories were established. I still remember the extremist groups when they started like Mujahedeen, one of the cold war strategists, Taliban, USSR, Abu Sayyaf in Philippines, Al-Qaida and now ISIS (Jamal, 2014). Middle East is known for extremism, as well as restrictions on both women 's freedom and educational attainment. All these extremism is founded because of ...

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...ecurity program in the Middle East, ISIS will be powerless thus preventing them from making their own decisions regarding childbearing and other important matters that relate to social justice and progress.
However, even with all the facts above, security programs should be well implemented in such a way that there will be no violation of rights among people in either side of the divide. There should be education of the uneducated people. By doing this, the society will be able to know their rights and stand up against individuals that aim at interfering with their rights (Jamal, 2014). By doing so, there will be less vulnerable people in the form of housewives and non-educated people who are not capable of reading thus following orders from the extremists. Education is the force of people and it is the key to development as it helps people fight against extremism.

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