How Can We Foster Creativity? Essay

How Can We Foster Creativity? Essay

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How can we foster creativity in children? There are a number of things I have learned from Bing that inspire creativity and innovation. One of the most prevalent techniques is dramatic play, which is another name for pretend play. Along with dramatic play, there is also block building, which is a simple yet effective way to encourage innovation. The last but most effective way to foster a child’s creativity is to be a supportive and encouraging adult. These three things in conjunction successfully create innovation and creativity in children. I hope to not only implement these techniques with the children I encounter, but I also intend to spread these techniques within schools in the Las Vegas area.
Dramatic play, by definition, is “a type of play where children accept and assign roles, and then act them out.” This type of play is beneficial because it allows children to explore different novel scenarios whether they are acting out a family unit or a movie. The children are allowed to enter another world and break the walls of reality. They can play with any scenario, and there are no limits to this type of play. On top of this, it makes children have to communicate with other children. This type of communication is paramount in the future in a number of arenas. They need to know how to have certain roles and act upon them. Dramatic play allows for children to learn social skills, which are carried on for the rest of their lives. An example of dramatic play I’ve seen at Bing Nursery involved Peter, Cameron, Sydney, and Ryan. Peter and Cameron were playing a cops and robbers. This game involved children pretending to be robbers and constantly having to ward off the cops. Peter and Cameron were the head robbers and had a headqu...

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...ers teach the children like little humans instead of only trying to provide entertainment for them. This technique is best for the child in the present and future.
Creativity in children is conducive to a to future academic success. Children need to be able to think critically to solve problems. With that said, there is no excuse not to implement or encourage the aforementioned techniques of play and teaching. I chose these three techniques because they aren’t expensive and unattainable. Schools could easily obtain blocks and encourage more group play; they could train and teach their teachers ways to stimulate creativity. I hope to extend this sort of teaching to preschools in Las Vegas as well as to the Boys and Girls Club in the Valley. It is crucial to spread the word, so that all students get a solid foundation for their learning.


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