How Can The Governments Affected With Poverty? Essay

How Can The Governments Affected With Poverty? Essay

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How Can The Governments in Africa Reduce Poverty?
Solutions to Poverty in Africa

Poverty is a serious problem, that’s affecting countries all over the world.
The problem of poverty has been a major issue for over centuries. Mostly every country has some amount of people suffering from poverty, even though the number of people suffering maybe different per country. Poverty has shown some major decrease in some part of the world; unlike African (a continent made up of 54 countries, and a population of about 1.2 billion people) is still suffering from extreme poverty. According to the World Bank, “47 percent of the population in Africa live under less than 1.25 dollars per day.” poverty which according to investopidia refers to as, “A state or condition in which a person or community lacks the financial resources and essentials to enjoy a minimum standard of life and well-being that 's considered acceptable in society.” The word poverty however does not have a single definition, the definition of poverty vary by culture, age, gander and other social and economical factors.
According to the World Bank, older men in both rural and urban Ghana define poverty as “lack of material assets, whereas for women, poverty is defined as food insecurity
for other people, poverty is going to bed without food, and wakening up the next day without food or hope for finding food the day after. To me as a victim of the civil war in Sierra Leone, poverty is eating food every other day, sleeping on the floor together with twelve of my sibling on the same floor, going to school without any lunch, and walking miles by foot to school every week w...

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...en. in conclusion, by improving the educational system, agriculture system, and birth rate, the leaders of Africa will see a major improvement in the economy, more jobs will be available, more food, less children dying more foreign investor and aids. For this reason, the Africa governments need to take actions, and the time for it is now. For how long are they going to watch the innocent children die? How long are they going to sit and watch their citizens suffering? And for how long how we going to see and witness our loves ones been killed by the wicked hands of poverty? I know for sure that the leaders of the continent can’t completely stop poverty because even developed nation like America have people that are still dwelling in poverty, the government would however be able to help reduce the number of people suffering from poverty through the above solutions.

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