How Can Secondary Education Mimic Startup Culture Essay

How Can Secondary Education Mimic Startup Culture Essay

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How Can Secondary Education Mimic Startup Culture

It is 8 am on a Monday morning and employees in Silicon Valley are starting to filter off Interstate 101, and into the collaborative juggernaut they call Google Headquarters. Here is where the master minds of collaboration, creativity, and innovation brew some of the best ideas into an internet search magic we all know as “googling”. This magic has infiltrated every aspect of life as we know it, and equiped society with the ability to find and consume content on a mass level. The creativity behind the success of Google can be found in the collaborative structure of the company. Forbes Magazine recently shared some of these empowering strategies that Google promotes within its work culture. According to Forbes, Laszlo Bock, Senior Vice President of Google’s People Operations outlined numerous steps Google takes to ensure innovation. According to Laszlo, it is not uncommon for employees at Google to participate in Google Cafés, which are designed to encourage interactions between employees and their teams. In addition, employees also use Google Moderator, which lets anyone ask a question and then people can vote up the questions that they’d like answered by Google management. These questions facilitate a multi-lane informational highway filled with answers, more questions, and a plethora of newly generated ideas. Google also allows employees to participate in a program called “20 Percent Projects”. These projects allow engineers to use 20% of the work week to work on projects that interest them. According to Forbes, Google further empowers employees to create, collaborate, and innovate by engaging in the following practices:

TGIF: Google’s weekly all-han...

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...t” carries less value than the concept of having interesting opinions and ideas. Teachers will have to create learning goals that allow students to have unique opinions. For example, a teacher may choose to use a learning target such as; “Was the United States Right to drop the Atomic Bomb on Japan”. This learning target allows students to form an opinion, and back it with evidence. The success of this learning target is that there really isn’t a correct answer. Not only is there not a correct answer, but it solicits multiple points of views. When a teacher can recruit multiple points of view, it is almost always followed by a curiosity to problem solve. The more teaching involves strong opinionating, the more learning becomes engaged. Opinions backed by evidence can build strong ideas that can be problem solved, creating an opportunity for authentic learning.

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