How Can Overcome Leadership Challenges Reflect? Models And Theories Essay

How Can Overcome Leadership Challenges Reflect? Models And Theories Essay

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How to overcome leadership challenges reflected in models and theories

At first it is important for leaders to separate themselves from the role. Judge et. al. (2002) indicate that the level of separation influences the preparedness to hear and accept criticism without any personal impact. It is not an easy task to do because leaders are people with a great passion which they put into achieving their goals. However, separating from the role at the appropriate moment for an appropriate task provides leaders with some space, time to assess and not approaching the situation or taking the action of others personally. This space creates the environment of objectivity in which the leaders are able to assess and reassess the direction of the effort invested in achieving the desired outcome. The important aspect is that such separation helps leaders not to be misled by the emotions of a particular moment or situation while still possessing the integrity held by passion, enthusiasm and emotions towards the goal. Heifetz (1994) argues that separating from the role enables to concentrate on the issues and problems rather than the individuals involved in the process. Furthermore the leaders should be able to gain perspective by using a distant evaluation and reflective approach. Despite time representing a crucial aspect of the business world, leaders need to bear in mind the advantage of stepping back and reassess new, more effective strategies and new directions. This might involve to approach and gain new partners, support and approvals from top management and colleagues. Heifetz (1994) pointed out that this is the process of “getting on the balcony” while others used the expression “getting out of the bushes or climbing the ladder” ...

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...identity within the organisation by creating a sense of higher purpose.


This paper explored the importance of leadership, its challenges, theories and models with suggested ways the leaders use the relevant information. Discussion started by highlighting various internal and external challenges of leadership addressed by specific model and theories. It critically analysed leadership, its view, identified differences between various types of leadership, especially authentic and transformational which belong to the category of most preferred and effective styles. The information provided in the research plays an important role in leader 's life. It suggests that leaders need to be open towards continuous learning, self reflecting and adapting to various situations while gaining a wider perspective on different approaches in the world of leadership.

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