How Can I Know and Understand God? Essay

How Can I Know and Understand God? Essay

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Everyone has a Christian worldview; whether they believe in God or not, they have their own opinion and beliefs. Everyone believes in something. In this article, one is able to ask how can I know God and how can I fully understand who God is?
Christianity is more than just a philosophy or “crutch” in life. I became a Christian back in 2008 and I’ve been through a lot since then. I can say that without God and my faith I would not have made it through those tough years. Being Christian is more than dependency and using God as a “crutch” in life, it’s making the choice to live morally for God and worshipping him and accepting that you cannot do everything on your own. Even entering college has been tough but my dependency on God has gotten me through and I know that with God by my side anything is possible. “Our desire for a personal relationship of God is strong, but we usually fail to recognize that desire for what it is” (Keller 1). I’ve learned that I can’t blame everyone and everything for my problems. I can’t even blame myself because by setting high standards I’m setting myse...

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