How Can Economy And Expansion Be A? Essay

How Can Economy And Expansion Be A? Essay

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How can economy and expansion be one? Can Expansion be implied to anything? My belief in both expansion and economics can occur at the same time. Expansion is just another formation of growth that takes place whether within an environment or economy. Is there a price to pay if only one is chosen?

The development of expansion is the process that is best known for continuing growth of not only an environment but of an existence within the development of an ecosystem, a planet, even human society can all be examples of expansion. Jane Jacobs book "The Nature of Economies" believed both expansion and development was "Development and expansion are interlocked, they make each other possible"(Jacobs pp.43). Jacob believed both development and expansion are essential and are one. Both carry each other and cannot exist without the other. Without expansion, development cannot progress and without development there cannot be any expansion. Jacob even mentions that the "... [M]ost amazing demonstration of expansion is the sheer volume and weight at the biomass of earth." (Jacobs,pp.43). The earth not only provides a solid evidence of expansion and development but it proves bio-genetic and evolution have established our ecosystem and helped shape the earth.

Communities can help play a role when it comes to the ecosystem and expansion. For each community they are all different. Some communities are about developing a sense of trust with those around them. While others just saw their community as a place to just hang their hat. Some communities take opportunities to help, fix and dedicate themselves into improving the environment. By opening a small and shared local garden each members of the community could pitch in to help maintain the ...

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... and protesting the issue of low pay wouldn 't have ever changed. Without standing up for themselves their way of living would suffice. The jobs that are given to these employees are hardworking people who are just trying to make ends meet. Yet to the fast food industry they believe "fast-food workers are teenagers, they don 't have kids or college degrees..." (Frank,pg.3, pp.2).

It seemed as though the belief that a fast food job was only intended for the adolescent yet, what makes the company believe that even the minimum pay is enough even for the teens they hire? The point is within this economy the cost of living continues to skyrocket while the income and wages stay low. This might be a new type of slavery getting reintroduced into our working environment. Worst of all this might be seen as a new type of corrupted expansion that 's being done to the workers.

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