Essay on How Can Contraceptives Help Students If It Is Given Out At School?

Essay on How Can Contraceptives Help Students If It Is Given Out At School?

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How can contraceptives help students if it is given out at school? If contraceptives such as birth control, condoms, plan B etc. were given out at schools it can reduce teen pregnancy, spread of STD’s, dropout rates due to pregnancy and it can help girls with their health. Students can sometimes be embarrassed or scared to go to a clinic to get what they need to be protected but having a clinic on campus might make the student more comfortable since they won’t have to go out of their way to get contraceptives. On there was a debate about if middle school and high school nurses being able to distribute condoms and other forms of birth controls to students. Sixty eight percent said yes and thirty two percent said no. The people who said yes are not okay with teens having sex but they know they are going to do it anyway so they want them to be protected. The people who said no said by offering contraceptives to teens you are encouraging them to have sex.
Parents are okay with schools giving out contraceptives to their child because as much as they don’t want their child to have sex when they are in high school and middle school they know it’s a possibility they are going to do it anyway. If that is the case they want their child to be protected at all times and avoid any possible sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies.
According to since birth control has been given out to students who attend high school in New York City teen pregnancy is down twenty seven percent (Beck, 2013). For every 1,000 girls between the ages fifteen and nineteen, 72.6 got pregnant in 2010 down from 98.8 in 2001. The rate was 43.1 for girls fifteen to seventeen and 114.5 for eighteen and nineteen year old girls. There ar...

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... what they are doing and not have sex because someone else they know is doing it.
Contraceptives should be free and available to students when needed. Of course every parent wants the best for their child and just want them to succeed in life without any obstacles like an unwanted pregnancy and/or being a dropout in school because of it but in reality kids are going to do what they want when they want whether they believe in abstinence or not so it is better to be safe than sorry. People always complain about how they as taxpayers have to work and their money goes to people such as teen moms who are on welfare or some kind of other assistance but if there is some kind of program or clinic students can go to, to get what they need so pregnancy doesn’t occur then they wouldn’t have this problem. Making this not available to students increases the chances of pregnancy.

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