How Can Classroom Experiences Have Better Prepared You For Your Internship?

How Can Classroom Experiences Have Better Prepared You For Your Internship?

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II. F. How could classroom experiences have better prepared you for your internship? 
Having an internship is very beneficial experience for students and the business sectors and universities involved. The universities that include internship programs in their curriculum, classroom experiences of students in different fields should be improved by providing students more actual application of theories learned through group works and projects. Though university professors are knowledgeable in their area of specialization, an occasional invitation of experts in the modern media to provide lectures and forums is very valuable to further provide students deep knowledge of what is going in the world of media in reality. Although erudite books with brilliant theories are good, there should be also a tangible translation for theories through actual practicums with companies working in the same fields.
Other things that could have contributed to preparing students before internships are hosting some experts who have former long years of experience in the domain of media. Such professionals can lecture students and provide some tangible cases as brainstorming activities. Professionals should be of different media sponsoring companies or organizations to reflect a variety of experience. The cases provided by experts can contribute to brainstorming the students’ thoughts and prepare them well before going to apply their skills in the workplace. There might be serious issues that need to previous concentration for addressing them.
III. A. If you were to repeat the same internship from the start, what would you do differently? 
If I were to repeat the same internship from the beginning, I would try to consider myself as a new employee belongi...

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...any can provide future opportunity for exceptional interns who did well during their program as a way of collaboration.
III. D. Assume another student interested in the same internship asked you, “What was your internship like?” What would your answer be?
My internship was excellent and rewarding professionally and personally. I have learned a lot of things in reality. What I theoretically learned in classroom I practiced it in the company through the internship. I feel now that I can do a job with a media company with self-confidence. I feel that I will not need to spend long time on getting briefed about how a media company work. I have already got that experience and am ready to do it directly. I am fully prepared to be involved in the workplace and be part of a team or work independently. Such an internship is really very valuable to my career and life as well.

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