How Can A Gymnastics Coach Start A Global Conversation Essay

How Can A Gymnastics Coach Start A Global Conversation Essay

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How can a gymnastics coach start a global conversation about innovation in education? The question I present in this personal statement is a unique one, potentially as unique as my background. Over the past twelve years I have used the functional and invaluable environment of sport to teach thousands of children. Throughout my time as a coach I have become intimately aware of how quickly children are able to learn concepts if they are taught in a manner that incorporate explicit instruction, evidence-based theory, and physical movement. I first became interested in how neurological connections can be made through teaching specific movements during my time as a preschool and special needs gymnastics coach. While coaching, I learned that the sport of gymnastics affords an enriched environment that sharpens the mind and provides the opportunity for physical stimulation that can significantly impact an individual’s mental and physical health over a lifetime. The bilateral movement associated with gymnastics skills helps strengthen neurological connections needed to perform mathematical sequencing and reading readiness skills essential for success in primary school. As I have continued to evolve my teaching practices in more formal education settings, such as the Oakland school district, I have been inspired to gain additional knowledge in the hopes my future work will contribute to the field of education in more meaningful ways. The significant problem of practice I would like to focus on is the lack of mind-body teaching techniques within the curriculum for both public and private education systems.
Children today, have substantially less physical activity than in previous generations leading to academic under performance, obesity,...

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...amically together.
I am specifically applying to the specialization in Mind, Brain, and Teaching because it aligns with both my past work experience and significant problem of practice in unexpected ways. As a gymnastics coach I plan on starting a global conversation about innovation in education by pairing a unique background in movement with highly specialized knowledge of education, informed by the brain sciences. I believe mind-body teaching techniques can be woven into every aspect of education throughout the school day, providing sensory-rich environments that enable understanding to arise organically and create the solid neurological connections needed over a lifetime. By furthering my education with this blended degree I will have the solid theoretical foundation and technical understanding that is necessary to spark creative change in the education system.

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