Essay on How can a company develop an entrepreneurial culture?

Essay on How can a company develop an entrepreneurial culture?

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How can a company develop an entrepreneurial culture?
Corporate culture can help to bind together members of the team as they internalize the values of the particular corporate culture. Individuals entering the enterprise for the first time are initiated into the culture in various ways, sometimes through a deliberate programmed of induction, and persuaded to identify with this culture which then influences their behavior. As a consequence, all will act in the desired way regardless of and in the absence of any sanction or incentive. In an ideal world neither incentive nor sanction are needed. Strictly speaking, neither is necessary in an enterprise with a strong corporate culture. Clearly it is not just a matter of any behavior. In an ideal world, the culture should encourage: • strategic thinking at every level of the organization • employees to be entrepreneurial, not just managerial • creativity rather than simply carrying out instructions • a cooperative effort to formulate and implement the strategy.

In your mind, how important is creative thinking within an organization or business?
It is a vital aspect of any creative activity, since creative thinking means thinking outside the normal boundaries. If a new idea is to change behavior, it needs to be argued out in the forum of the enterprise where there will inevitably be those who cannot agree. However any proposal for change almost always invites conflict of some kind, hostility from those opposed to a new way of thinking or to change as such. Any action resulting from creative thinking follows a process of persuading others to agree and support the action resulting disagreement is not necessarily damaging to the organization. It may assist the participants to under...

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...e is no clear cause and effect relationship between behavior and performance.

The rules exist because of the degree to which behavior is repeated and particular types of problem recur. Through these rules, strategy enables enterprises to successfully seize opportunities in a fast moving market and environments of rapid change when there is not enough time for following more elaborate procedures. The rules can apply to a whole range of decision making areas notably the how to of a business behavior, setting the boundaries of various types of business activity, fixing priorities for the achievement of objectives and the timing of key decisions, such as when to exit from certain business areas. How business plans or models or a strategic plan is drawn up is a issue for individual managers to decide, according to the requirements of the particular industry.

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