How Business Can Make A Huge Impact On Brand Awareness Essay

How Business Can Make A Huge Impact On Brand Awareness Essay

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Stories are timeless representations of our experiences. We tell stories to make people laugh, to encourage friends, and even to spread celebrity gossip.

As humans, we pay attention to stories because our brains are wired to do so. It helps us relate to the storyteller and remember the most important details.

Businesses should leverage the power of storytelling. Let consumers offer their unique shopping experiences. This will uplift your brand awareness.

And customers stories are more than just case studies. They encompass everything from reviews to user-generated content.

Here’s how customer stories can make a huge impact on brand awareness.

1. Competitive differentiation
Differentiation maximizes the power of a brand. It’s instrumental to a company’s longevity.

Those product comparison charts can only do so much. By displaying alternative solutions, your businesses becomes a commodity.

That’s why it’s so important to standout.

For example, Apple’s differentiation strategy rests on the need to constantly push the limits. It also prides itself as a cultural icon, benefitting from recognizable advertising campaigns.

Customer stories can separate your brand from the competition.

While other companies waste time highlighting their 20th product feature, you can build a distinct brand bolstered on original consumer narratives.

Embed videos into your homepage showing actual customers sharing how much they enjoy your services.

With the holidays in mind, highlight your shoppers’ gift ideas. Then, featuring lucky customer on your YouTube channel.

Inbound is a great example of strategic brand differentiation. They leverage expertise from their community of marketing and non-marketing professionals. The result is Inbound...

... middle of paper ... rep program. As a result, the company saw an increase in customer loyalty.

UGC is a valuable customer loyalty tool. But there’s no magic formula.

Ask your customers for send pictures or post reviews. Create actionable opportunities, like an Instagram contest.


Customers want to join the fun. With UGC, your customers contribute to a “continuous loop of growing customer loyalty.”

Take Action: To retain more customers, include them in your brand story.

Stories Bring Awareness
Customers are valuable assets to your brand. Their unique experiences give potential consumers the unpolished truth about your products and services.

By spotlighting testimonials and reviews, your brand can earn a competitive advantage along with customer loyalty. And don’t forget the potential to boost sales!

How will your team showcase customer stories? Share in the comments.

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