How Birth Order Affects Personality

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My household is comprises of four children, and then those four children can be fragmented down to two boys, and two girls. We are separated by two years from the sibling that came before, that is except for me because I am the oldest. I am not only the oldest of my immediate family, but I am also the oldest on my mother’s and father’s respected side of the family. This led to a copious amount of attention for me as a child and has probably influenced me more than I care to admit. However, as the oldest child I will say that I have a few personality traits described in this article, for example I am very reliable, structured, and conscientious. According to this article I am my parent’s experiment in the parenting world, which in turn caused me to become a leader and perfectionist constantly fixated on my parent’s approval, who also enjoys being in the presences older individuals. At first glance I thought this was nonsensical, but after a few moments of reflection, the mirror that is my life shattered when I realized that is me and I do not like it. While I was reading this article I thought wow that sounds ridiculous everything in this article about firstborn children could not be further from the truth. Then we I started to gather my thoughts it hit me, this article is describing my personality. Subsequently, I did what any control freak would try to do in the situation and that is try and rationalize how wrong this article is so I do not fit this mold. I thought back to what I did today and that was wake up at 5:00 am, make my bed, eat the meal I had prepared the night before, then my daily hygiene routine and finally got in my car and drove to school. I do this literally every day, in that same order and it was not even 8:00a... ... middle of paper ... ...individual. However, I do have problems with this article, for instance the entire article sounds a little too cookie cutter to me. What I mean by that is there is no way that every 1st born child is a “leader, perfectionist and striving for the approval of their elders.” I feel that I do relate to these characteristics, but who does not. The language in this article elicits memories that made me think I the stereotypical first child, which made me think this theory is just like astrology. It made me think that because they both give these basic outline of what a 1st born is or what a Aquarius is like and it gets you believing that wow this is true. Nevertheless, it could be true but is more likely you just convincing yourself its true. With all that said I found this article truly interesting and gave me something to think about whether I believe it true or not.
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